Medical Data Management and Collaboration.”

Platform Features:

  • Platform: Robust, Web-Based, Configurable, Customizable Platform
  • Infrastructure and data security: High Availability, Cloud infrastructure meeting ISO 27001 standards ensuring adequate, secure storage and efficient retrieval.
  • Analytics: Tool that provides value-adding health data analytics to the users.
  • L and D: Platform can be extended into full-fledged Learning & development system for medical fraternity. Medical fraternity can use this for CME’s
  • Digital ID: Each patient will be given a unique digital ID that will identify him/ her across the platform. All associated Patient records will be linked to this ID.

Key Users:

Consultants, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers.

About Platform: creates an eco-system, with a fully secured repository of information allowing various stakeholders such as Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Health service Providers to become an integrated part of it. This ensures the inter-operability of Health data information between Clinics, Diagnostic Centers Hospitals and other stakeholders as required for and during referrals. The health service providers can seamlessly manage their own clinical records and generate data analytics for increased efficiency. The uniqueness of this platform is that does not interfere, rather, it interfaces with any of the existing systems adopted and/ or followed by any of the stakeholders with standard protocols, making it simple to use and easy to adopt. Health service providers have the flexibility and option to make their patients as an integral part of this platform thereby they providing the much-needed ease and benefits to their patients to manage their personal health records.

It is our endeavor to provide on-site support to Consultants, Clinics, Hospitals for seamless implementation and effective use. For further information and demo connect with us